Armadale must have a Police Station open to the public 24/7

Tony Buti has been fighting for a 24/7 public access Police Station in Armadale since 2011. He will hold another public rally in October on a date to be advised.

Armadale residents turned out in force to support the last rally in April 2013 and Tony needs your support again in October to send a strong message to the State Government and the Commissioner for Police that the people of Armadale are not going to back down on our demands for a 24/7 Police Station and will not stop fighting until we get the services we deserve.

Below is a brief history of Tony’s fight for a 24/7 public access Police Station.

February 2011 – Tony Buti asked Minister for Police about public access hours at Armadale was advised that Armadale was a 24/7 station.

May 2011 – Announcement of policing area hubs.

January 2012 – Tony Buti writes to Minister for Police requesting 24 hour public access Police Station.

19 January 2012


 Local MLA Dr Tony Buti has called on the Minister for Police to provide a 24hour/7day a week public access police station with in the City of Armadale.

 “Cannington Police Station is too far away from the Armadale area to provide adequate services,” Dr Buti said.

 “Local residents feel that our needs are being neglected by the refusal of the State Government to provide a 24 hour service.”

 Dr Buti said, “Crime prevention is improved when there is a strong community association or connection with the local police force.”

 ‘My petition to the Parliament requesting the Barnett Government provide a new courthouse and a 24 hour/7day a week public access police station for  Armadale has been placed in a number of key locations.”

“I urge local residents to support my petition and send a strong message to the State Government that we demand better services.”

Jan 2012 – 5000 signatures collected for the petition




DR A.D. BUTI (Armadale) [9.02 am]: I have a petition with 1 822 signatures. The petition is in accordance with standing orders, and reads —

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled.

We, the undersigned, request the Barnett Government provide a new courthouse and a 24 hour/7 day a week public access police station in the City of Armadale.

The Armadale Courthouse services a large section of the south-east metropolitan region. The current court house is overcrowded and lacks the proper facilities to provided appropriate security and privacy for those attending. It does not have the capacity to cope with the current demand for services. The current courthouse is well past its used by date and there is an urgent need for a new courthouse to be built.

The Cannington Police Station which is the police hub for Armadale on weekends and after hours is too far away from the Armadale region to provide adequate services for the residents of the City of Armadale. The presence of a 24 hour/7 day a week public access police station within the City of Armadale will better connect the police force with the community and assist in the prevention of crime in the Armadale region.

[See petition 592.]

April 2013 – Over 300 residents marched through Jull Street Mall, Armadale, calling for a 24 hour public access police station in Armadale.