Armadale award-winning intervention program gets $80,000 from the WA Government

By Judith Lewis

27 July 2018

Local MLA, Dr Tony Buti, welcomed further funding for the Ignite Basketball program.

Dr Buti said, “Ignite forms a very important part of the Save the Children, Armadale Youth Intervention Program which supports the most vulnerable young people from the Armadale the community.  

“Ignite engages with youth aged between 11-21 years every Saturday night with basketball and life-skills workshops.”

“The funding is provided through the Department of Sport and Recreation and the Department of Communities.”

Referrals come from the Department of Child Protection, Department of Justice and the WA Police.

“This is a great program which provides our local kids at risk with an opportunity for a positive and brighter future, Dr Buti said.