Armadale Health Not Meeting Population Growth

By Judith Lewis

30 August 2016

Local Health Services must keep up with Armadale’s future population

Local MLA, Dr Tony Buti has raised concerns at the State Government’s
capacity to provide enough beds and medical services at Armadale Hospital in
the coming years of unprecedented population growth.

“The Armadale area population is currently around 75,000 and is expected to
reach over 138,127 by 2031 – that is an increase of 84%,” Dr Buti said.

“Suburbs of Armadale such as Forrestdale, Harrisdale and Piara Waters have
experienced some of the largest and fastest growth in Perth.”

Dr Buti said, “The Armadale Hospital web-site states that the hospital has
200-500 beds.”

“It would be reasonable to assume from this information that the hospital
actually has 200 beds; if it did have 500 beds it would still be far too few to
service a local and surrounding population of at least 75,000,” he said.

“Our elderly have been forced to travel to Bentley Hospital for cataract
surgery, and we have seen a maternity ward closed down at Armadale.”
“Many medical specialists previously practising at Armadale have moved onto
other hospitals.”

Dr Buti said, “Armadale Hospital needs to have appropriate forward planning
measures and infrastructure in place to address the future health
requirements of Armadale residents.”

“Health service delivery in the Armadale area needs to keep pace with the
population growth.”

“The State Government must be proactive in providing for the health needs of
an expanding population. They cannot continue to put the people of the
Armadale area on the backburner.”

Media contact: Tony Buti 0415 662 747