Call to Support our ABC

By Judith Lewis

30 August 2016


Local MLA, Dr Tony Buti, is urging Armadale residents to sign a petition to
protect the ABC from budget cuts.

Before the election Tony Abbott promised hand on heart there will be “no cuts to the

“Tony Abbott has already cut more than $504 million from the ABC and SBS.”

“Now the Government has gone even further and announced another $254 million
worth of cuts to the ABC, a further $54 million cut to SBS and the sacking of up to
500 people.”

“We all need to get behind the ABC and send a clear message to the Federal
Government that these cuts will not be tolerated by the Australian public.” Dr Buti

“Labor leader, Bill Shorten, has said that Labor Governments have always increased
ABC funding and if Labor wins the next election it will once again increase ABC and
SBS funding.”

“The ABC is one of Australia’s great institutions, it is a strong, independent
broadcaster, it is our voice and it tells our stories and we have a duty to protect it.”

I urge you to sign below and tell Tony Abbott: hands off our ABC.

Media contact: Tony Buti 0415662747