Canning River Development Proposal Unsuitable

By Tony Buti

30 August 2016


Armadale MLA, Dr Tony Buti, has raised his concerns at the proposal to introduce
high-density housing along the Canning River at Kelmscott.

Dr Buti said, “The idea that a proposal for high density development in this area has
progressed to this stage is very concerning.”

“In my view the City of Armadale should never have accepted such a proposal in the
first place,” he said.

“Kelmscott, particularly along the river, is a place of historical significance; it was one
of the first settlements in the Swan River Colony.

“Without the hard work and dedication of many local residents Kelmscott’s relevant
sites would have been lost forever.”

“I know these same people will continue to fight to protect the local river
environment,” Dr Buti said.

“I agree that higher population density improves the economic prospects of an area,
but there are more appropriate locations for urban infill than along the Canning River.”

“I also understand that individual home owners may want to downsize and release
the equity they have in their properties, but I am sure their needs can still be met
without destroying the special character of Clifton Street and the river.”

Media contact: Tony Buti 0415 662 747