Cecil Andrews – School Funding Slashed

By Judith Lewis

30 August 2016

New Student Centred Funding Model is a blow to Cecil Andrews High School

Local MLA, Dr Tony Buti said, “Cecil Andrews High School simply cannot afford this
level of cuts to its programs.”

“These cuts come on top of a drop in funding for this year. The new, so called,
student centred funding model will commence next year and run for 5 years.”

“That is 5 years of reduced funding for all our local high schools,” he said.

Dr Buti said, “Cecil Andrews High School has a diverse student population, some
with high needs, and while I fully support more funding for early education it should
not be at the expense of these students.”

“This $1.1m cut to Cecil Andrews equates to a loss of 11 teachers and a huge drop
in program delivery.”

“The many positive innovations introduced by the new principal at Cecil Andrews
may be lost,” he said.

“These cuts are all about saving money and have nothing to do with improving
education outcomes for our kids.”

Dr Buti said, “If the Government was genuine it would have set targets and have
plans for measuring what these changes achieve – it has not done that because
improving education for our high school students is not high on their agenda but cost
cutting is.”

Media contact: Tony Buti 0415 662 747