Cost Increase for Public Transport

By Judith Lewis

30 August 2016


Local MLA Dr Tony Buti has raised his concerns at the news that public transport
fees are likely to increase.

Dr Buti said, “Colin Barnet has already foreshadowed significant increases to public
transport fares.”

“Now the State Government plans to make public transport users pay 50 per cent of
the cost of operating Perth’s public transport network- currently commuters pay 30
per cent.” He said.

“This means public transport fees would have increased by almost 100 per cent
since Mr Barnett came to office.”

“The State Government is increasing the cost of public transport at a time when
every effort should be made to encourage people out of their cars and onto trains
and buses.”

Dr Buti said, “It is estimated that the changes to fares will mean that a train from
Armadale to Perth which currently costs $6.10 will increase to $10.”

“When in Opposition the Liberal Party denied they would increase public transport

“This further impost on the people of Armadale is to pay for Colin Barnett’s $22billion
State debt.

“We were never the beneficiaries when he spent it all, but now we are being asked to
pay for his excesses.” Dr Buti said.

Media contact: Tony Buti 0415 662 747