Market City Sale

By Tony Buti

30 August 2016


Local MLA Dr Tony Buti spoke against the State Government proposal to privatise
the Canning Vale Market City.

“This sale is all about trying to reduce government debt and it is just an asset fire
sale.” Dr Buti said in parliament.

“A city the size of Perth, which is rapidly expanding, has to have a central place for the
exchange of fresh fruit and vegetables. We need that for food security and for
economic reasons.” he said.

“Once the markets are sold to a private entity there is no guarantee that they will
remain markets forever.” Under the Perth Market (Disposal) Bill, there is a
requirement that the Canning Vale Market City remains a market for only 20 years
from the time it is sold. This is a major concern.”

“If the state has to come in and establish another site later it is the taxpayers who will
pay,” he said.

“Market City is viable, performing very well, conveniently located, has a high
satisfaction rate and the growers want it.”

Dr Buti said, “New owners of City Markets could increase the rent to the wholesalers
who in turn would pass costs onto the growers.”

“Growers in the Hills near where I live are facing a really difficult situation due to the
downturn in the global economy.”

Dr Buti said, “We should be concerned about anything that imposes increased
demands on growers - things are already tough.”

“This is all about trying to balance the budget rather than ensuring that growers and
consumers are better off and the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables are affordable.”

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