Public Rally for 24/7 public access police station

By Judith Lewis

28 October 2016


Local MLA, Dr Tony Buti, will address a rally of concerned residents on Saturday 29 October who
are demanding that the Armadale area receive the same policing service as other districts in

A big turnout of local residents is expected at the rally which will start in the Jull Street Mall at
10am and end at Memorial Park.

Guest speakers will include victims of serious crime who have gone to the Armadale Police Station
for help only to find it closed.

One young female, a victim of an assault on the way home from school, went to Armadale Police
Station just after 4.00pm on a weekday for help only to find it locked and with no one in
attendance. She was forced to travel all the way to Cannington Police Station for assistance and in
a state of high distress.

Armadale residents turned out in force at a 2013 rally for a 24/7 public access police station and
5000 people signed a petition which was presented to the State Parliament.
Dr Buti said, “Here we are in 2016 with the Armadale region consistently recording among the
highest crime statistics in the metropolitan region but still not enough police and still no 24/7 public
access service.”

Dr Buti said,” The South East Metro police district has only one 24/7 public access police station.
All other police districts in the metropolitan area have two.”

Dr Buti has raised the matter many times in parliament and on one occasion was ejected from the
chamber for demanding answers from the Minister for Police.

“The State Government must provide more police on the ground and the services to tackle the
social conditions which lead to crime.”

“We are not just asking for the police station to be open to the public 24/7. We want much more
than that.”

“What I am asking for on behalf of my community is a 24/7 public access police station with
enhanced services, just as there is in Cannington. We deserve no less."

Media contact: Tony Buti 0415 662 747